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Bug cup for nudge bug

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Bug cup for Nazybug

This is a bug cup for Nazzy Bug .
One set includes one bug cup, one set of replacement eye stickers, and one pin.

The spare soft bug cup for Catfish Game's new product "NUZZY BUG", which uses a hybrid structure of a resin hard head and a hollow soft body, is designed to be replaced when the lure is damaged due to collision with an obstacle during casting. This is a dedicated part.

*Nazibug itself is not included.

■Price: 350 yen (385 yen including tax)
■Quantity: 1 body, eye seal + pin ■Weight: 1 pack 20g

【installation method】
Remove the eyeball from the head and pull out the pin underneath.
The cup is removed and replaced with a new one.
After fixing with a pin, paste the eyeball (using a small amount of instant adhesive)

*If you only order parts, we will ship them using Yu-Packet. Yu-Packet cannot be paid by cash on delivery. Please note that if you select "Cash on Delivery", we will cancel your order once.

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