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1510D W open tackle box S size

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Systemmatic storage makes your fishing more comfortable

The compact and easy-to-use 1510D Double Open Tackle Box is a tackle box made of high-impact polypropylene material, and is a small case that allows you to systematically store your lures without damaging them.

A thin double-open type that is easy to use and can be opened and closed with one touch from either the left or right side. The internal partitions are set at a 5.5mm pitch, allowing for fine adjustment to suit the lure size, and the design allows for secure fixation to prevent it from slipping. Both models are highly accurate MADE IN JAPAN quality and are resistant to distortion and deformation.

The clear color allows you to see the contents even when the lid is closed.

Contains 5.5mm partition grooves, allowing you to adjust each space according to the items stored.

*Please note that if you leave it in a car or in a place exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity for a long time, the case itself and the hard lure (plug) stored in it may become deformed, damaged, or deteriorate.

*If soft lures and elastomer materials are left unattended for a long time, the lure body, case, and partition may melt or deform.

*If soft lures (worms) or worm oil adhere to the printed surface of the box, the printed area may dissolve or peel off.

*Please note that metal lures such as lead and tungsten may be damaged due to strong impact inside the case.

*Do not use benzine, thinner, etc., use near fire, or immerse in boiling water.

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