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TIMON ring pliers [silver]

SKU: 129024008060
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Compatible with #00 and #0 split rings.
It has an overwhelming feeling of use that once you use it, you won't be able to put it down.

TIMON's professional development team has repeatedly tested, trial and error, and made fine adjustments to finally release the ultimate ring pliers.

Manufactured in a factory that produces medical equipment, achieving delicate and precise quality. It is extremely comfortable to use even with the #0 and #00 twin specifications used in small cranks and micro spoons.

A thick PVC cushion is used for the part that touches the palm to prevent hand pain, and the grip part has a rounded chamfer to reduce the stress when gripping it.

Although it is small, it has an outstanding presence with a sharp and compact body and a subtle TIMON logo. You can change lures and rings smoothly and stress-free, which will definitely support your fishing results.

This is a special item that you should try out and experience for yourself, rather than listening to or reading the explanation.

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